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Thread: 7/26 run South of the 371

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    Default 7/26 run South of the 371

    Got bait Friday night and Russ and I left the village around 3:00am Saturday morning. I had been tracking the reports and temp charts for several days and all indications were that the 371 was going to get slammed on Saturday. I set a point South of the high spot and off we went. Sure enough we passed through the 371 area at about 5:00 or so on our way further South and it was already a parking lot. Weaved our way through the traffic and arrived on our spot at the gray. Throttled back which brought Russ back to life (he had a loooong day on Friday with Jeff (Dog House) returning at about 10:30). Russ put the jigs in and soon after we saw some foamers but no biters. A short while later we had our first hook up and a nice albie hit the deck. Next was a double (all nice fish so far, 20-25 pounds). Found a little paddy, soaked some baits for nada and then slow trolled the dines around the paddy. A few seconds into it and my line came tight on a nice bait fish. Slow trolling dines again close to another mini paddy and Russ and I doubled up on a couple of dorados. Mine came unbuttoned but Russ was hooked solid and the fish put on a hell of a show. Caught several more albies and then the bite shut down. We trolled another 3 hours before my ADD set in and I turned for home. Back at the slip by 3:00. Ended the day with 6 Albies and a dorado. Great trip with flat seas all day. Fish all caught in the area of 32.11 and 117.35.

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    Default Great Day

    Thanks again Charlie what a day you don`t get that many like that great weather good fishing good company


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