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Thread: Coronado Island report for 6/29

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    Default Coronado Island report for 6/29

    Hot spot yesterday was south kelp. Didn't even know the kelp was back and looked healthy. Thought El Nino would do it in again. We got there about 0930 and the bite was on. Once again it was fly-lining deans for the best bite but looking at the San Diego jigs seemed to work too. The bite ended around 12:30 and not else happened after that.

    We ended up with 4 ranging from 17 to 24 pounds and dogs weren't an issue even though they were around. Lots of large calico's but most released. Only one guy didn't care how old they had to be to get that big and kept 3 that should have gone back in.


    PS: Hey Alan, still catching WSB?

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    PS: Hey Alan, still catching WSB?

    Yes we are Phil! The new gal's sure fishy!!! We kept two 30pounders last weekend.
    Pics are in the Island report.

    Glad to hear you are out catching fish. Thanks for the report!
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