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    Been super busy for the past 6+ months with the boys water polo practice, tournaments, etc, etc. As it turns out, all the tourneys seem to be in Orange County. Finally completed some much needed boat work. Still have trailer issues but, I think it will make it through the season. If anyone knows of a good deal on a trailer let me know. Took Tenacious out for the season shakedown cruise. The Coronados looked lively on Friday but, they didn't produce for my buddy Jerry and I. After we could not find any squid at the Islands we high-tailed it to LJ. Talked to Mike on the radio. Good to talk to you Mike. Hope IB produced for you. Made it to LJ and as we headed into the cove right before sunset, we slow trolled some dinos through some birds on the NW corner. Got picked up and it felt really good. The fish made a long run and kelped me. I stuck with it and after about 15 minutes it came out. A nice 24 lber came over the rail. Made another pass and hooked up again. This time 23 a lber found it's way into the box. The area was going off but, we decided to attempt to make some squid so we left the bite. Made a few squid and anchored up for the night. Fished till a little after midnight for no love and called it off. It was good to get back on the water. I think I saw Zack in the cove. Forgive me for not saying hi. Looked like you were hunkered down in tight and in stealth mode. Hope to get a break in the waterpolo scene so I can get out and do it again.


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    That's a pretty good shakedown cruise. Picking up a couple nice Yellows is a great way to kick off you summer.

    IB has produced a few fish this year, but nothing like it did last year. For me it's more about having a nice quiet place to fish with very little traffic. I'll take that over a hot bite in La Jolla any day.


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