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Thread: About 100 lbs of clean fish.

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    Default About 100 lbs of clean fish.

    Short version, 140 total miles, About 100 gallons of fuel, 5 yellow fin tuna, 13 small yellow tail and 2 Dorado. Tuna about 16 pounds average one at least 25 lb., 13 yellow tail about 7 lbs each, and Dorado about 12 lbs average. Went to the hidden and turned east. Left at midnight and got to zone at 5:30 or so. water 70.5 degs. Blind stike on 3 tuna and other 2 on kelp. Lost 2 tuna one along side that tangled with another tuna and one off kelp and came unbuttoned. Most yellow tail on kelp. One dorado on kel;p and the other blind jig strike. Weather not bad and weather tried to come ujp0 a few times but layed back down. Seemed to catch most fish going down swell. Trolling from 6 to 7 klnots. 43 people fishing and I did all the driving. Radio was dead all day but I guess everyone was catching fish. Lots of paddies around the area. a few pods of porpoise, no fish. Someone out of the corral said he got limits of tuna. We only traveled about 10 miles east of the hidden. Maybe if we traveled closer to Ensenado we woujld have done better, no t complaing just what if. Time to eat some fish. Son does great cleaning fish. Makingfish head soujp and using the leftr overs for lobster bait. no much in the trash for Monday trash pu. I hope everyone else does well b4 the season stops. If fishing is still going on next week, I would like to go down earlyh and fish all day and drift the night forf a second day of fishing, all the cost is going and coming.

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    Thanks for the report

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