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    A friend called me during the superbowl game and was looking for a co piot to drive down to his home in Pt. Chivato to pay his taxes and I said sure when do you want to leave. His reply is tomorrow morning at 6. OMYCOD. We loaded up my gear that next morning and were off for the border. We decided to travel down thur San Felipe as the pacific route has to many road construction projects, buses , trucks, cops ect. Great idea as we were well below Cativina in just 8 hrs.
    Weather was great 80-85 deg. water 71- 73 deg. and very little wind. Perfect!
    Second day we tried our luck at fishing and deep jigged two nice yellows 1 @20 -25 and the other 12-15 lbs. Next we visited some loacal reefs and loaded up on cabrilla and snapper, great stuff.
    We fished four more times in the next 8 days with the same good results and on the last trip out our luck changed. We were on our way to try a spot north of San Marcos Island but on the way there we ran over our prevoius spot south of the island and it was very fish y. First drop to 200 feet and we get a double on and both were beasts. We work our fish to the gaff and drop again and I'm bit halfway way down with another fighting sea of cortez beast. Results from the first stop or 30 minutes, 2 yellows 20- 25lbs.and a maybe 30 lb.amberjack. No scale. We try and move back to the seamount and I spot some boils working 50 yrds. away and we move to it to see smaller 12 in. Humbolt squid breaking the surface. Next moment lg. Yellows start attacking the squid so we started throughing iron on them with great success. Two fish here and run and gun to the next set of boils that pops up and we get one from this frenzy. Ok weve been fis n alone here for about 2 hours and we have a lot of fish so my friend contacts his neighbor to check for canning jars and out of no where four boats join us within in the next 30 mins. With the crowd growing on this small spot and canning available we start trolling surface plugs around the fleet and get four more good grade yellows.Weve had enough now and start heading back to Chivato when I spot a little ripple on the glassy water so we head in that direction and discover a quarter acre of squid feeding on tiny shrimp so we scoop up a few of them for a little appetizers tonight.
    DAGNABIT now I have to filet out all this.
    Hey Allen does this give you inspiration?
    Royal Hook

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    Great story!

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    You're killin' me man! I don't know how I'm going to survive a 40 day trip to China starting Saturday.

    Got a few more takers on the BoLA trip. I managed to talk my neighbor who is Baja adverse into taking his Triumph down there.

    Beardog is taking delivery of his outboard on Friday and I'm making him drag that 23' down to BoLA even if the paint is still wet.
    Allan C.

    Portagee Euthanizing Terrified Albacore

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