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    Approximately 5 mo.ago launched out of Shelter Island fished all morning trolling 4 lines feathers and rapalas and flylining sardines and mackeral at the rare kelp paddy out to 182 Spot without a bite.On the way in 2 mi. west of the upper 9 mile Bank we cane in to a large kelp paddy.We put out 21 lines baited with sardines.Within minutes one reel on a rod in a gunnel stated clicking.David my son set the drag and tried to take the rod out of holder.With a lot of difficulty he finally freed the rod and handed it to me.All the time the reel was Zinging.The fish leaped clear out of the water.a beautilful 6 foot blue and silver Marlin.I could barely hold the rod.Full drag he continued to run off line.The line went limp and I anguished that he had broke loose.Then I realized he was heading at us.He jumped at least 6 times and headed to the left and jumped one last time and the line went slack.We checked the line and saw where the line looked sawed off.We were using a Newell 440 with 40lb. test monofilament.What a great experience.

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    Stories like that keep the thick winter blood flowing.
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    Royal Hook thanks for your reply.I'm wondering if our web site is operating in that your's was the only reply.

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