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    Any thoughts if greenbacks, Spanish macks or sand dabs are better bait for lings on the nine?

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    I think nice, shiny greenbacks are the ticket. I've caught as many lings on slab fillets of smaller rockfish as I have on Sand Dabs. I've used smaller Treble Trap Hooks on larger macks (Size 8 or 6); when I used larger trebles bigger than size 4 I wouldn't get bit

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    We've been fishing both kinds of macs with real good results the past couple weeks. We also made a hand full of smelt and those aren't getting bit.

    Macs have been pretty easy to make along the outer edge of the kelp in Point Loma.

    I've been using large circle hook with no trailing hook. The bag says 7/0, about as big as a 50 cent piece. It's about a 50/50 hook up to stolen bait ratio.


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