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Thread: HP rating for a 20 Blackman CC ?

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    Default HP rating for a 20 Blackman CC ?

    anyone know what max HP rating is on the 20 cc ?

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    I don't know but am curious if you are going inboard or outboard with the new power?
    Brian on Old Blue, out

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    Hi Brian,,no real plans as of yet as the engine is under 150 hours,,but if and when i re power it will be an outboard,,been talking to some about the benefits of a notched transom instead of a bracket,,may go that route this time,,

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    I would estimate 175 hp in an outboard, I've seen them with 5.7 Chevrolets but were overpowered in my opinion . The beauty of the boat is that you can push it with even the old 130 Volvo and cruise at 20 with great economy.

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