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Thread: Jan 20 Cod

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    Default Jan 20 Cod

    Launched out of Shelter Island and hit the bottom of the 9 again today. Fishing was slow, just like the past 3 or 4 trips down there. I don't know if I'm hitting it when the current isn't right or there is so much red crab on the bottom the fish aren't hungry. Either way it's been taking 4 or 5 hours and a lot of metering around to get my ten fish.

    The new ramp is real nice with enough room for a dozen serious fishermen, a couple sailboats and a couple guys with the cowling off the engine scratching their heads. The docks are very firm and have no give. Slide up to them slowly or you'll bounce right off. The only thing I see that needs to be finished is the stairs going up to the upper parking lot. Currently fenced off because they haven't installed the handrails yet.


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    Good goin Mike! You will Get them faster next time..... Hate when I have to spend time on that ocean thing......LMAO

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    Nice going mike . Seen you coming in . I was on my gregor going hooping .

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