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Thread: 1/26 Back on the meat

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    Default 1/26 Back on the meat

    Launched again out of new ramp at Shelter Island. I'd say they are 100% done now. The last thing was installing the handrails on the stairs to the upper parking lot, and they were ready for use today. I'd still like to see some soft bumper on the docks but I doubt that will happen. I just need to get in the habit of putting out my bumper before pulling up to the dock. That thing is real firm and I can heard my fiberglass creak every time I slid up to the dock.

    On to the fishing. The hot weather girls missed the forecast today. Almost no wind off shore, but back in the bay is was blowing pretty good. We made good mackerel off the point in 60 feet of water. We started fishing on the rock I finished up on last week for nothing. On our second or third pass we tangle our lines and drift quite a ways while we untangled the mess. Usually that's a bad thing but today it work to our advantage. By the time we got our act together and I looked up at the meter, we had drifter over a nice bunch of fish. We put a dozen nice fish in the box before that spot slowed down.

    Spot number two was a piece of flat hard bottom the was holding Reds last week. Today it was holding Reds, Speckles, Greenspots and some big Starries. Finished up at 11:00 with a nice mixed bag of fish. 7 Reds, 6 Starries, 5 Speckles and 2 Greenspots


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    Nice work Mike

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