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Thread: handicap access to boat?

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    Default handicap access to boat?

    I am trying to figure out a good way to get my 93yr old Dad on and off our CC. Up until recently he would use his walker to get down to the launch pier at Dana Landing. I would then strap him to me with a body harness and we would board together. He is now only mobile in a wheelchair and it's to dangerous in my opinion to keep man-handling him over the gunwale. He is fine with this set up but I feel like I'm cheating death every time I barely make it on board with him.

    My plan is to make some sort of a crane that I could bolt to the bed of my truck. I think I would use a winch to operate it. I would then make a harness for him and use the crane to get him on and off the boat while we are in the parking lot. This way everything is stable and my dad's safety is not dependent on me trying to get on board while wearing him like a backpack (our current set up). I have seen a few things like this for sale that are used for moving 50gal drums on and off trucks, so that's what I'm going to use as my example...

    Before I start on this as my winter project I was wondering if anyone had a better idea or if you see something inherently wrong in what I have planned. Is there an easier way?

    Thanks in advance,

    Brian Groff
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    I think you're on the right track with the bed mounted crane. You should be able to find a used 12 volt unit reasonable cheap. Get him a nice comfortable fall harness with a D ring on the back and you're all set. If you take his wheel chair on the boat, make a 4 point harness for the chair and load him as he sits in the chair. If you do it that way, make sure he is buckled into the chair.

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    Yeah, that all sounds better than what you have been doing and the transfer on stable non moving land has to be way safer. Keep us posted as this is pretty interesting (or at least I think so! )

    Good on you for getting Pops out!
    Brian on Old Blue, out

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