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    Went out saturday looking for MR T. Jigs in 6:55 am . 7:05 hook up . Large shark jumps out of the water but didn't get a good look. thought cool mouth hooked thresher. After about 3 hrs got a look its about a 400# mako hooked in the pectoral fin . 3 more hours go by had her to boat a couple times still hot it attacks the boat bitting scratch in the gell coat into the glass. 6 hrs over 7 miles from were we started the shark won . Spectra broke. Had it on tiagra 50 , 150# spectra to 80# mono. I don't ever care to see a mako that big that close to my boat again lol.

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    Hooking anything of size in the pectoral just sounds like worse case scenario. It's gotta be even worse than tail hooking I would think. Well on the good side, at least you saw it, so no mystery!
    Brian on Old Blue, out

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    That was your warm up for a big swordfish that get the upper hand during the battle.

    I hooked a hammerhead like that a few years ago. Waisted most of the afternoon on that fish.

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