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Thread: Coronados 6-20-20

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    Default Coronados 6-20-20

    Hit the islands Saturday with over 100 other buddyboaters and thankfully they didn't arrive in mass until 7-30 which gave us a chance to hook most of our yellows on iron and rapalas while chasing birdschools a mile or so south of the main fleet. While we had 3 right off the bat there was a couple of guys in and aluminum skiff who could throw the iron a mile and they were hooked up every time we turned around they had at least 7-10 in the same time frame. We picked up another YT on a rapala closer to the pens while weaving in and out of the maze of boats drifting. We tried slow trolling sardines only caught calicos and cudas; tried soaking baits but only caught nice calicos time and again. Talked to Madrugador and they were having the same luck so by 1PM it was time for a move and we headed over to IB for some butt chasing. Wind grew stiff and created a miserable 3' chop @ 5 seconds so it drifting difficult to say the least with the drift sock out to slow us down and 4-6 ozs of lead to keep the bait bouncing on the bottom. I got lucky on my first drop and was bit immediately; a 26" butt came in on the end of my gaff. Went right back up to the spot and Tim caught its twin sister and I stuck it too. Sculpin and Sand Bass after that we took a beating running from IB to the south tip of the PL Kelp could only do 11 knots but it got better once we made the turn to MB. A nice day never the less.............

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    Nice to see things coming together down in IB. I going to try and get down there on Tuesday.

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