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Thread: Service panels, breakers, and gauges for your Blackman

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    Default Service panels, breakers, and gauges for your Blackman

    Just bought new AC and DC service panels along with new labels, breakers and gauges for my 26 Billfisher inboard. Dennis @ digarashi@earthlink.net supplied me with new service panels, some more breakers, new interchangeable labels, instrument panel and new gauges for my boat. All in the original Blackman font and layout. He has all of the drawings for the various Blackman models from Seaward products and was very reasonable with the prices. My instrument and service panels were cracking in the corners( new ones have a metal ring in the plastic in each corner) and my gauges were getting very cloudy in the lenses and not working properly. Boat looks awesome and dialed in. Hope this helps with you guys that don't know where to get the original stuff.

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    Thanks for doing the leg work on the project. I sure you're not the only one that could use some fresh gauges and panels.


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    Do you have any photos

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